JB-Inflatables' Disco Dome Bouncy Castles, 5 Year Warranty!

In the year 2010, JB-inflatables, Europe’s largest manufacturer of commercial grade bouncy castles, developed the first disco dome bouncy castle with inflatable walls

Bluetooth Music System & Disco Lights

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Build In Sound System

 The build in sound system provides for USB, SD-Card or Bluetooth connection so that the preferred music can be played either by smartphone, MP3-player, USB-stick or SD-card. The build in disco lights create that true disco effect when standing in the disco dome bouncy castle.

Disco domes can have a diameter as little as 9 feet for small children, or as big as 24 ft. for large number of adult users. The spectacular sensation of jumping, dancing, singing and acting a little crazy that a disco dome bouncy castle has to offer will never get old or boring!

LED Disco Lights

The disco dome bouncy castle is a special type of bouncy castle that has one or more integrated LED disco lights and an integrated music system. Disco domes bouncy castles are usually shaped as a dome, round shaped, with circular walls and a relatively small entrance at the front part of the bouncy castle.

Small disco domes may just have a single disco light system which is positioned in the center of the roof. Large disco dome bouncy castle are outfitted with up to 4 or 5 LED disco light systems.