Disco dome bouncers a true innovation

One of the biggest advantages of disco dome bouncy castles is that they are a true innovation and they’re nothing like any other traditional bouncy castle.
Having music and disco lighting integrated in a bouncy castle probably is one of the best innovations for inflatable games and attractions since the invention of the bouncy castle itself.
The disco dome bouncy castle combines great music and fantastic light effects with bouncing, jumping and having fun, making it a highlight on every party.
It also adds a level of fun and gives more meaning to the use of a bouncy castle, since both children and adults can spend even more time on a bouncy castle without getting bored.
Often the integrated speaker in the disco dome has so much volume that it can even replace other music systems at a party.
Furthermore literally everybody can operate it as long as they have a smartphone with their favorite music, or even a MP3player, SD-cart or USB-stick.

Disco dome also for adults!

What caused the immense demand for disco domes is that it’s not exclusively for children but adults and teenagers love it just as well and they can outfit it with their preferred music.
This simple fact has opened up a whole new segment in the rental market for bouncy castles, being adolescents and adults. No need to explain that the popularity of the disco domes doesn’t hurt rental rates.

Disco dome the life saver for rental companies

In fact disco domes can be a real life saver for rental companies who had to deal with declining revenue and rates over the last 5 years due to heavy competition on the bouncy castle rental market.
In many cases rates for disco domes, especially the ones suitable for adults, can be 250%-350% higher than rates for traditional bouncy castles.
Operators of disco dome bouncy castles have not only extended their target groups, they also get much better prices by offering something innovative and unique as a disco dome.

Since adults have become more and more aware of this ‘adult’ bouncy castle and more and more UK companies focusing on the manufacturing and sales of disco dome bouncy castles, it can be expected that their popularity will soar for some time.
The CEO of market leader JB-inflatables international, Mr. Roland Baks, has already pronounced that his company will continue to work on new developments in this field, that new innovations and improvements are to be expected very soon.