Disco dome for adults

After JB-inflatables created the world’s first disco dome bouncy castle with inflatable walls in 2010 demand for this new type of innovative bouncy castle has really taken off. Rental companies tapped into a new market, being that of adolescents and adults.
Formerly bouncy castles had been rented out exclusively for children, but this new disco dome also offered great fun and joy for both teenagers and adults. All of a sudden mums and dads, college kids and other groups of friends were all having a blast with disco dome bouncy castles on birthdays, weddings, bachelor parties, college grad parties etc.
The rental market in the UK had been coping with dropping rental prices for years and in many regions there was heavy competition sometimes creating a sheer race to the bottom for rental rates of traditional small bouncy castles.


Manufacturers of bouncy castles in the UK had meanwhile seen the huge success of the disco dome bouncy castle of JB-inflatables and around 2013/2014 some of them started to copy the idea and offering similar disco domes (or even straight knock-offs) to their clients.

At the same time that other UK manufactures and resellers where starting to get in to the manufacturing of disco-domes, JB-inflatables as the original inventor of the concept was already working on a modified and even better version of the disco dome they had first introduced in 2010.

Disco dome with 3D exterior

One of the problems the disco dome bouncy castle was facing was that it still didn’t necessarily look very appealing on a picture. Although by now there were plenty of videos of disco domes online, and some of them even went viral, new clients who didn’t knew the concept weren’t likely to understand it and therefore they would probably not hire it for their party.

To overcome this JB-inflatables created a new range of disco dome bouncy castles, not necessarily shaped as an actual dome, not being all black and dark on the inside, and with a more appealing 3D exterior.

New range disco dome bouncy castles

After this range of new disco domes was launched in 2013 the rental market went crazy since all of a sudden a disco dome bouncy castle not only was great fun, it also looked great, even when no music or disco lights at all were used.
This new range of disco domes with the football, undersea, princess, circus, jungle and car theme, combined the best of both worlds and opened up the market for disco dome bouncy castles even further.