The old type disco dome bouncers

A particular type of disco dome bouncy castles have been around for a long time, however they weren’t really sophisticated and they were often lacking integrated disco lights or even a build-in sound system. These old types of, often square, disco domes originate from the USA where they were called ‘moonwalks’. They were constructed with 2 different air chambers, meaning that 2 different fans would be required to operate it. This old type of disco dome had no inflatable walls which posed a problem in operating these disco dome bouncy castles. The inflatable matrass and the cover were both inflated by a separate fan. In effect, the whole cover itself was constructed as one huge air chamber, meaning that that the roof would come down every single time a child would enter or leave the bouncy castle. Simply opening the door was enough to deflate the cover, creating all sorts of practical- and safety problems for this old type of disco dome.

JB-Inflatables' new disco dome with inflatable walls

In the year 2010, JB-inflatables, Europe’s largest manufacturer of commercial grade bouncy castles, developed the first disco dome bouncy castle with inflatable walls (also know as double walls) to overcome these problems. This new disco dome had 4 integrated LED disco lights in the roof, and a build-in music system, which had never been done before. JB-inflatables is renowned worldwide as being the most innovative manufacturer in the inflatables industry, holding many patents, copyrights, designs rights and trademarks for inflatables, bouncy castles and inflatables games. Their new developed disco dome bouncy castle was actually shaped as a round dome, had 4 places to put in the LED disco light balls to create a real disco atmosphere. At the back wall even a fake inflatable speaker was created which not only looks good but it would act as a safety-cushion for the actual speaker, placed 1 ft. behind it, as well.

This newly created disco dome was fully black on the inside and had inflatables walls making sure that the unit would need only 1 fan instead of 2 fans. With this construction any risk of deflation when children were entering or leaving the disco dome was totally excluded, not only making it a much nicer bouncy castle but also a far more safer one!

Showroom with disco domes

After manufacturing the first prototype disco dome, at first nothing really special happened according to the CEO of the original manufacturer JB-inflatables, Mr. Roland Baks;
We’ve displayed our disco dome in our bouncy castle showroom and we’ve sold a few, but it wasn’t even close to being a best-selling product in any of the countries we normally sell our products.
We didn’t even realize that we created something revolutionary, since we didn’t sell many of them. However we noticed that almost all sales of disco dome bouncy castles came from clients that have visited our showrooms, where they had actually experienced our disco dome in real life. It took some time before we realized that the sheer appearance of our disco dome on a picture, being a fairly simple 3-colored dome wasn’t doing any justice to the incredible joy and fun it brought to those who were inside the disco dome experiencing it.

Videos of the disco dome bouncy castles

After this fact had sunk in, we had made some real cool videos of the disco dome bouncy castle, by a professional video production company. Immediately after we’ve put these videos online, clients from every European country started calling us to express their interest, since after seeing the video they now understood exactly what a disco dome was, how it worked and how their rental company could benefit from it.