Since JB-inflatables first developed the disco dome bouncy castle many years ago a lot has happened.
Many copycats in the UK have since then entered this niche market, offering disco dome bouncy castles that have similar looks. Unfortunately there are very big differences in material, quality and safety among several manufactures and sellers.
Always look for the very best quality you can afford, since buying an original disco dome bouncy castle from JB-inflatables is an absolute no-brainer and it is probably the best investment you will ever make as long as your in the bouncy castle industry.
If done correctly, the disco dome will make you a lot of money, bring in many new clients, and it will even amaze your existing clients.

5 year warranty at JB-Inflatables!

Even if you buy a copy from another company selling disco domes, make sure that they offer a 5 year full warrantee, and that they confirm this in writing so you don’t get taken.
Another important thing to look for when buying a disco dome bouncy castle is if it is suitable for use by adults as well, since renting to adults will be a huge part of your business.
Therefore a disco dome bouncy castle should have 4-time stitching and it should be made out of 650gr/m2 vinyl.
Please note that that disco domes smaller than 12ft normally are not big enough to entertain teenagers and adults, so you’d be looking to purchase a disco dome at least
15ft when catering to teenagers and adults. For small children you can go for a small disco dome of 9 or 10ft.
For more information contact us and make sure that you stay updated about the latest innovations and developments that will help your company stay ahead!